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Everyone has a personal reason for cooking and special people to cook for. For me, cooking is all about entertaining & that means enjoying delicious food with family and friends. And all that starts here in "Rasoi".

I'm Reshmi, a home cook from Los Angeles, USA. I was born & raised in Bhilai, Central India. I have been to different parts of India, stretching from North to all the way to the southernmost tip. This gives me all kinds of reasonable authority on food. I'm not much into eating. Rather it is simply awesome to see people enjoy the food I have prepared & then to see a perfect look of satisfaction on their faces. That's it!!

My interest in cooking started when I got married. I've spent the last two years in cooking and blogging about cooking as well. I love to cook every day something new for my better half.

On my husband's suggestion I got around to creating a blog that focuses on food, recipes and healthy diets. And to share my taste, research, experiments & findings, Rasoi was born. I love sharing all that I have learned. The sources of my recipes are - Internet, Magazine, TV shows, Cookbooks, my mother, friends and ofcourse, my own experiments.

I love feedback, comments & compliments. However, if you find anything in this blog that is just not right do let me know. I will certainly look into it.

All I want to say is "Cooking is a wonderful life"!!

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