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The Three Months' Journey

>> Thursday, December 16, 2010

On 10th September, I left LA for my hometown. If you'll ask me, how was I feeling at that moment? The answer will be "Confused!!!!!!!!!". Coz at one moment I was so excited that I was jumping for joy but then I will be upset as I was leaving Sree alone.

 My major worry was "What will he do?", when it comes to cooking, I can't trust him... But time waits for none and finally I boarded my flight and whosshhhh............ after long, long 26hrs I was standing in front of my parents... And yeah, I'm sure.... I was feeling "WOWY!!!".. But every excitment washed away as soon as I saw my mom's weird expression when she said " Hey fatto!! u gained lot n lot of weight!!!. I'm going to put u on strict diet.........."

Oh my! I felt like RUN!! I must take another flight and go back to LA.... No No, I don't want to be here, I don't wanna hear this again.... But," beta phass gaye tum to!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  ;)
But, to be honest I've gained only 5 or may be 10 pounds and that was all visible on my face........... :D

okie dokie... leave it... Coz  "Every classic movie starts with some boring scenes...."

These three months were FAB!!! I came across some very beautiful moments and some bitter ones as well... But again tats just ok.. "Coz they add spice to your cherished moments".. isn't so?

So lemme share with you, what I've treasured in this small episode of life!!!!!

First and foremost - I got admission for my Master's. So, from January I'll be back to school... Thanks to all of you... I still remember those wishes, during my exams... they were very motivating!! once again, thnk u all............ HUGS!!!

Then I was a part of some great occasions.... We had Dussehra, Durga-Puja, Diwali, my mom-dad's 26th anniversary, my sweetie sis's birthday, my mom's birthday, my best frnd/childhood frnd's marriage, met some of my very good frnds and lots n lots of efforts to make our trip to Gujarat, WORKING!!!!

And there is something terrific, "My Mom's Weight-Control Program" buaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh...!! This was the big reason I was unable to post any recipe, coz neither she will let me prepare something nor does she.... Thnk god! 10 days of diwali celebration saved me......

The pictures are some of my contributions to Diwali special and guys be ready to go for a photo tour that will narrate the story of my "The three months' journey".

This was a surprise to my sis by me n my bro..... lemme tell u that this cake is not prepared by me but yeah! the decoration over the cake is done by me.... Hey wait a minute.... By decoration, I mean those candles.. :P
Well did I hear "WOW"? thnk u thnk u............

Now we move to some of the Diwali blasts...... Rangoli (patterns or designs using powdered colors) by me, some sweets.. again by me!! and lighting crackers, ofcourse not by me... ;)

And, yes this plate is decorated by me... also I've decorated some glass bowls...

 Whew!!! the image above is the one  for which I'm going to bill the highest............ ;) I really worked a lot for this one.......

And finally the best moment was celebrating my mom's birthday.... It was special coz we were all present for this occasion and it happened after long time...

Well, this blackforest pastry is prepared by me... The reason why we celebrated a birthday with pastry? Answer to this is.. We all were saturated with sweets and cakes.... So anymore cakes... was a big No No!!!
Then I thought, Why not pastry? Small and Special!! So here is my blacky pastry.. :D

And after couple of days, I boarded my flight back to LA... Yes, again I was loaded with mixed feelings.. To add spice to my confusion, my domestic flight to Mumbai was cancelled.... OOPS!! Well they got us for another flight, no worries... But again, I've to board this flight 3 hrs before my previous one. Thnk god! we were there before time.. But Alas! I just have 30 mins to be with my parents.... buaaaaaaaaaaahhh. 
Gosh! I'm running out of time... and in that hosh-posh I was unable to say proper bye-bye to my parents.. To be honest, I was crying when my flight takeoff..

Again, after 28 long hrs, I reached LA and when I came out of the airport I saw Sree waiting there with that killing smile... Oh my!! I was so happy to see him after such a long time...!!!

Happy Ending................!

So, this was a short story of my vacation in India.. I hope you all had a great time in those three months and of course missed me too coz I missed u all...

Guys, all the diwali sweets, pudding and pastry recipes will be posted in my upcoming posts. So, stay tuned!!

And now, I would like to mention about "The LA foodie bloggers meet" that was organised on 4th December 2010 at Rajdhani restaurant in Artesia (Norwalk,CA). Unfortunately, I was unable to attend this meet and yes I'm quite jealous, when I saw those beautiful pics shared by Priya. Also, they are planning for another meet somewhere around in Spring 2011. So, I welcome everyone for this meet. Do let me know, if you can make yourself available for this meet. For further information, do visit  LA Foodie Blogger Meet.

Have you enjoyed this recipe or photos? Do follow this blog, share it with your friends and help this blog grow. This will motivate me to carry on with my passion. Hope you've enjoyed your time here and thank you for visiting me!!!


Unknown December 16, 2010 at 8:06 PM  

Wow Reshmi, I just couldn't stop reading, you write very well. Loved every bit of it. It was as if I was there with you feeling all those that you felt. Welcome back to LA, we missed you too during the meet. We cannot wait to meet you in Spring. Thanks for mentioning the meet :)

Unknown December 16, 2010 at 8:42 PM  

Missed meeting you. Glad you had a great trip!

Unknown December 16, 2010 at 9:02 PM  

Hey Reshmi,

Guess i have missed a few posts of yours...was wondering where you wre...:)Welcome back dear...:)



Unknown December 17, 2010 at 1:38 AM  

Oo God Reshmi...
U r such a good writer...
i cud actually feel the thgs u hav mentioned out here....
Really very impressive!!!!


Love2cook Malaysia December 18, 2010 at 5:11 AM  

I enjoyed those photos with lovely narration! :D

Sanyukta Gour(Bayes) December 20, 2010 at 11:17 AM  

u seem to b a budding writer reshmi..u write so well...i was feeling as if i was there with u in ur 3 months journey...great u had a happy time with fam and frnds...really missed meeting all in teh bloggers meet as we moved from LA to TX..u welcome back...hope to see more festive posts from u...hugs

alicia August 4, 2011 at 2:07 AM  

u write awesome...simply feel like keep on reading you...keep it up....I am also a beginer in bloging.pls visit & would like your suggestions for my site


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